Was Trevi the original manufacturer?

Yes, Trevi was the original designer, Trevi officially closed in September 2008 and Gist Products, LLC was born. Gist Products, LLC is an employee-owned business dedicated to quality, lead-time and customer service.

How do I become a Gist Specialties dealer and receive prices?

Please contact Anna Zavala at 1-866-590-9485 or 702-643-2595 or by email at orders@gistproducts.com. Gist Products, LLC works with customers that will be reselling our products in their store. We purposely do not offer prices online for the protection of our customers. All customers interested in reselling our product will need to submit a resale license to our office for review into becoming a Gist Products, LLC dealer.

What are the fountains, planters & statuary made out of?

They are made out of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) which is lightweight in comparison to traditional concrete and are more durable.The material has fiberglass which with stands the cold and will not crack.But like all concrete, surface cracks may appear.

How do I install my fountain?

Please contact us at orders@gistproducts.com or at 1-866-590-9485 for a CAD drawing.We try to make the fountain set up as painless as possible.All fountains are shipped with a parts bag.In general, lay the basin on a level surface.Take the pump cord through the hole in the basin and plug up the hole with the rubber plug provided in the parts bag.For a secure fit, you can wipe clear silicone on the plug to act as an adhesive to stick to the hole better.Then you want to connect the ball valve that is in the parts bag to the PVC pipe already installed in the top piece of the fountain.Then connect the vinyl tube provided in part bag to the ball valve.The vinyl tube will connect to another tube in your pump box that will then attach to the pump.The pump is placed in the pump ring section of the fountain basin and the top piece is placed over.Fill the fountain three quarters ways with water, plug in pump, and wipe down fountain with your hands.Shim as necessary for leveling purposes.

How do I remove the calcium build up?

Apply white vinegar where the buildup is.After you apply, run the fountain, the molecules in the water will actually diminish the residue.In some states, water is really hard making it very difficult to remove residue on any product made out of concrete but the vinegar will certainly help. DO NOT USE ANY ACID PRODUCTS ON THE FOUTAINS IT WILL REMOVE ANY PAINT OR STAIN COLOR

How much water do I put in my fountain?

Please keep your fountain three quarters full.Remember, water evaporates and if the fountain is running all day, it needs attention to refill it to avoid a pump burn out.We offer an Auto Fill mechanism that can be connected to a water line, must be ordered with the fountain so that we can cast the fountain with the extra hole it needs to connect the Auto Fill. Please contact Anna Zavala today for more information.

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