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Welcome to Gist Planter Products.

A complete collection of Planters, Indoor Planters, Outdoor Planters, Ornate Planters, Concrete Planters and Statuary Art for your Home, Office, Garden or Landscape Design.

Despite all of mankind's advancements and inventions, there are still few things that are as beautiful as the sight of lush trees and foliage or spring flowers in bloom. If you want to add a little green to
city sidewalks, hotel lobbies, guest rooms, and entryways, planters are a perfect way to tastefully display blooms, small trees, and shrubs. Gist Products offers an exclusive selection of functional planters that will enhance the interior or exterior of your building. Many of our planters have a smooth finish, and they're perfect when you want the plants inside of them to be the first thing people notice. We can also produce highly ornate planters. Fine detailing, elaborate patterns, striking finishes, and complex shapes are available. Gist Products attention-grabbing ornate planters are sure to make people take notice. Introduce a little green into your design with Gist Products' strong and weather-resistant planters. Download your own catalog here.
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Tri Level Jug Fountain with Planter Venetian Planter Majestic Planter - Large
Majestic Planter - Medium Majestic Planter - Small Ovate Planter
Teacup Planter Mungo Planter Quirnali Planter - Small
Medium Oblique Planter Wok Planters Taranto Planter
Napoli Planter Prato Planter Wok Planters with Pedestal
Mazzini Planter Madrid Madison Planter
Sacra Planter Preston Planter Sienna Planter
Weave Planter Alora Planter Amphora Planter
Augusto Planter Bliss Class Wall Planter
Corso Planter Cross Wok Planter Dalton Planter